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Energy Bars!

Energy: Organic Greens, Yerba Maté, Raw Honey
Fibre: Organic Oats and Leafy Greens
Protein: Organic Peanuts and Oats
Minerals: Carob, Organic Greens

Delicious All-Natural
Energy Bars!

Energy: Organic Greens, Yerba Maté, Raw Honey
Fibre: Organic Oats and Leafy Greens
Protein: Organic Peanuts and Oats
Minerals: Carob, Organic Greens

"Sweet, Chewy, Moist and Full of Flavour!"


"Whenever you need that energy boost... Green Bar is a real life-saver!"

We mill ...

We grow ...

We create ...

These delicious, energizing Green Bars are created for those who are on the go and are looking for a quick, nutritious, clean-energizing, great-tasting treat!

Our organic garden yields super-nutritious organic leafy greens… silverbeet, kale and broccoli. We dry the greens carefully and blend them, along with  nutritious and clean-energizing organic green Yerba Maté leaves,  organic peanuts, fresh-ground organic peanut butter, organic oats and more … along with the healthy sweetness of local honey, barley malt and carob … and there you have it, the best Green Energy Bar that you can find…full of antioxidants, enzymes, chlorophyll, real clean energy, live vitamins and minerals…full of life and made with love …

Full ingredient list:

Australian Roasted Peanuts*, Organic Greens Mix (Kale, Silverbeet and other seasonal greens), Australian Raw Honey, Australian Rolled Oats*, Carob Chips, Barley Malt, Unsalted Pure NZ Butter, Yerba Mate*, Powdered Milk, Rice Bubbles, Vanilla Essence*, Baking Soda. (*Certified Organic)

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What folks are saying...

"The reason I love energising green bar products is because firstly, their great taste which provides a healthy 'pick me up' fuel mid afternoon. Secondly, because you harvest your own organic greens so I know I am ingesting healthy ingredients."
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"I love the green bars. I eat one everyday for breakfast. I am telling everyone how amazing they are."
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"I absolutely love the Green Energy Bars! they are a perfect mix of healthy with a little sweetness and a good afternoon or morning pick me up snack."
five stars smaller 4
Alice N.
"The reason I love these is - my family has the MTFR gene snip, which is managed using green leafy vegies. We all crave your green bars. We have to lock them up so the grandchildren don’t steal them."
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Cathy C.

Some More Helpful Info ...

Due to the fact that these bars are gently oven-dried, and contain Organic Raw Honey (which acts as a natural preservative) they are very long-lasting and resilient to spoilage.

We usually recommend that the bars  maintain their freshness at its best when stored:


* REFRIGERATED – 1 month

* FROZEN – 3 months

Please keep in an air-tight container, away from direct sunlight…  Enjoy in moderation …

Please be aware that these bars contain:

*GLUTEN   (Barley Malt, Oats)




 Nutritional Information 
Serving size: 67.00 g  
 Average Quantity per ServingAverage Quantity per 100 g
Energy 1170 kJ1750 kJ
Protein 7.7 g 11.5 g
Fat, total 15.1 g 22.5 g
– saturated4.1g6.2g
– sugars 19.6g29.3g
Sodium 76mg113mg

There are a lot of great energy bars out there … so here are some light-hearted comparisons between the Green Bar and some of the leading brands… we hope the respective manufacturers won’t mind…

WinnersTM bar is a great Australian product, deservedly well-loved – but the Green Bar stacks up favourably. Winners Cadel’s Mountain Bars are a bit smaller than Green Bar and slightly more pricey (excluding postage). They also contains some of the ingredients we probably wouldn’t use – like vegetable oil, colour and flavour.

US-based ClifTM Bars are well-known, and are similar in size to the Green Bar. Their Crunchy Peanut Butter variety is probably the closest – but once again, some of the ingredients we will probably stay away from, like cane sugar (syrup) and soy protein isolate, plus the “added” vitamins…

It was interesting to compare the Green Bars to the “mother of all energy bars” – the famous Hooah! Bar created by the United States military in 1996 as ready-to-eat ration for the special operations troops. We did not intend it, but – Green Bar has the same weight, contains the same amount of calories, similar protein-to-carbs ratio and protein content. The US-made bar is now marketed as the Soldier FuelTM bar, which is great, but  once again, some of the ingredients we might not go for – like soy protein isolate, “added vitamins”, palm oil …

But really – the Green Bar defies all comparisons. Created by hand using the ingredients we mostly make from scratch (and even grow), we believe this is the best natural energy bar you’ll find!

And that taste… mmm …have you tried it yet?

At the moment, we make the Green Bars every Monday, and we want to get it you fresh! We will post your bars by Express Post on the next Monday after your order.